Colombia’s Foreign Ministry told the press Monday that 46,943 visas were granted to foreigners in 2013, who visited the country for tourism, and also temporary residency for work and study.

The greatest number of visa requests came from Venezuelans, accounting for 7,081 of the visa granted, with the majority coming to Colombia on work visas.

There were also 4,719 granted to citizens of the United States, 4,095 for Spanish citizens, and 3,146 for Chinese citizens.

“The presence of foreigners in our country is impressive, and it is something that did not happen before,” said foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin.

With ongoing peace talks with Colombia’s largest rebel group, and increased government security measures, violence in Colombia has been decreasing overall in recent years, making the country more attractive for visitors.

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According to statistics collected by Colombian Trade Ministry, from January until June, 2013, the country registered a 7.7% increase in tourism compared with the same period during 2012.

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