(Photo: Summerland)

More than a hundred people were poisoned after consuming drugs at an electronic music festival in the Caribbean city of Cartagena, reported newspaper El Tiempo Monday. City official Mary Velez told El Tiempo that “in areas arranged for emergency care more than a hundred people were treated for consuming hallucinogenic substances or a combination of drinks with pills were recorded.”

The Summerland festival, attended by more than 20,000 people, began Friday and ended Monday.

The issue became critical on Friday, the first day of the festival, as ambulances and care sites experienced difficulties keeping up with the amount of people in need of treatment, an official told El Tiempo.

The hallucinogenic substance, allegedly the psychedelic drug LSD, had been sold in gum packages at the event.

Velez told the newspaper that one of the issues with the substances consumed was that people got violent and authorities had to step in and control situations to avoid them from escalating.

The secretary also noted that a fire caused by fireworks occurred at the closing show of the festival and that four people were injured, however no fatal injuries were sustained.


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