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The Miss Colombia beauty pageant, one of the most important annual events in the South American country, is less than a month away. Time to pick favorites.

Over the past year, the different states have picked their representatives for the national beauty pageant that will be held in the Caribbean city of Cartagena on November 11.

In a series of five, Colombia Reports is introducing the candidates.

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Miss Antioquia

Traditionally one of the favorites, this year’s Miss Antioquia is a 21-year old graphic design student. Carolina Crovo from Medellin is not just graphically talented, she also sang in a band that took her to France, Germany and the Netherlands. Her favorite artist is Colombian master Lucho Bermudez.

Miss Risaralda

Maria Alejandra Lopez, a Industrial Engineering student from Pereira, comes with a pedigree; Her mother was Miss Marsella (a tiny town in Risaralda) in 1990. Risaralda’s current miss spent six years in Florida where, according to herself, she was the ugly duckling of her high school.

Miss Caqueta

Laura Torres, the representative of the southern state of Caqueta, is a law student and employee of a notary office. Combining her participation in Miss Colombia with her study and work keeps her extremely busy from 5AM until 10PM, she told men’s magazine Cromos.

Miss Cauca

Cindy Clavijo, the representative of the southwestern Cauca state, is another aspiring law professional. The 24-year old beauty studies Law in Cali and hopes at one point to work for Colombia’s constitutional court.

Miss Guajira

Vivian Martinez from the desert state of Guajira has long dreamed of taking part in Miss Colombia and has been a long-time participant in local beauty pageants and carnivals. She studies Communication in the capital Bogota.


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