Miss Colombia, Carmen Lucia Aldana, had the honour of officially launching version 55 of the Cali Fair, at a ceremony held on Tuesday night at the Teatro Municipal.

Miss Colombia Carmen Lucia Aldana is a 20-year old communication and journalism student from the city of Cali.

Such as the emotion that the new Miss Colombia asked the jurors of the National Beauty contest to make an exception to the rule, allowing ther to visit her native city after being awarded the crowm less than 24 hours earlier.

Miss Colombia contest protocol requires a wait of three to four days after election, before travel.

Arriving in a private flighy Tuesday afternoon, Carmen Lucia Aldana, was welcomed at the Aviation Club by Cali mayor Rodrigo Guerrero, and several city councilors and paraded through the streets of Cali in the new double-decker tourist bus, escorted by six traffic police officials.

“There goes the Queen”, people shouted as the bus made it way through city streets.

The Cali Fair: An Entire City Becomes One Great Party
The Cali’s Fair (Dec. 25 – Jan. 01) is the most important cultural event in Cali, Colombia. It is a celebration of the region’s cultural identity, famous for the Salsa marathon, horse riding parades and dance parties.

The Cali Fair is famous for its horseback rides, bullfights, some of the best salsa orchestras, packed concerts, dances, and delicious food.

The Fair has been celebrated since 1957 and it promotes cultural, ethnical, and musical diversity in the region. In a few occasions the Fair included Vallenato and Merengue groups from Colombian and surrounding Caribbean countries, and samba schools from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Also, the Fair is known as the “Feria de la Caña” (sugar cane fair) and “Feria de la salsa” (Salsa music fair).

People enjoy many activities like an opening cabalgata (parade of horseback riders), tascas, salsa concerts, bullfights (which are under a legal dipute), parades, athletic activities/competitions and cultural exhibitions.

From an international stand point Cali is also known as the “Capital de la Salsa” given the city’s infatuation with that type of Afro-Caribbean music. In early July there is the Summer Salsa Festival which lasts for one week. It usually includes concerts by the world’s great remaining salsa bands as well as dance shows and “melomano” competitions in which salsa connoisseurs try to out do each other by digging deep into the archives of salsa music and related sounds to find and reveal long lost tunes.

Photos of Miss Colombia Arrival in Cali