paolaaristizabal_facebook_paolaCOLOMBIA NEWS – The recently-crowned Miss Antioquia was stripped of her tiara and booted from the Miss Colombia beauty pageant for revealing pictures of her scantily-clad in bikinis and lingerie that were deemed “too suggestive.”

paola_aristizabal_2_-_facebook_0Paola Builes was disqualified from the Miss Colombia pageant for posing in clothing that was “too small,” and was in violation of the strict rules of the contest.

“I feel discriminated against because there are other candidates that have pictures in underwear, in tiny clothes; for that I feel that there is discrimination,” said the Colombian bombshell in an interview with Colombia’s Blu Radio.

According to Builes, the photographs that led to her dismissal were taken over two years ago and have been circulating on social networks for a long time.

Further angering the belle of Antioquia was the fact that she only received the news via a brief phone call without much detail.

“They never gave me a written explanation. I learned more from the media boom over what had happened,” explained Builes.

The former Miss Antioquia was able to enjoy her crown for only two days before her title was revoked.

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