Cali News – Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos made official the delivery of 95 billion pesos to eas the finance of the operatin of the MIO, Cali’s mass transit system.

“Todat we officially deliver the 95 billion pesos for the MIO..because a better public transit results in a better quality of life”, said Santos.

The President highlighted the joint work between the federal government, the municipality of Cali and the private sector to strengthen the operation of the mass transit system.

The mayor of Cali, Rodrigo Guerrero, said the funds will allow the continuing work on infrastructure, in particular the construction of terminals and yards.

Guerrero added that city can now move forward to purchase the remaining 1.374 buses from the “traditional bus system”, which will all more than 300.000 daily passengers to the MIO system, that will expand use to some 800.000 daily passengers.