Bogota –  Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon said today that the government does not rule out any criminal or armed group as responsible for the attack in Bogota that killed two people and wounded 48.

In this way, Pinzon avoided in a press conference referring to the police claim made yesterday that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) were behind the attack and also behind a car bomb defused hours before.

He said that for the time being, no group has been ruled out as responsible for the attack, and results will be made public as the investigation makes progress

He also confirmed that the technique used in the attack against former Interior Ministrer Fernando Londono is similar to that used in other regions worldwide; therefore, the government asked for collaboration from friendly countries.

However, Pinzon failed to specify which governments or agencies those would be, though the Attorney Generalâ�Ös Office cited the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States and British Scotland Yard.

“Every government has its own intelligence agency, Ministry of Defense and security corps, and we have resort to those friendly countries, as in previous occasions, in order to exchange information and be more affective in the investigations,” he said.

He said the authorities will spear no effort to get those responsible for the attack as soon as possible.

Pinzon also made clear that as part of conclusions of the Anti-Terrorist Committee called today, recent threats against Mayor of Bogota Gustavo Petro and pacifist ex Senator Piedad Cordoba will be investigated today.

He said security will be tightened in the capital to avoid any other similar attack.

The Defense ministerâ�Ös remarks came at the end of a security council meeting involving high military, police and intelligence commanders, as well as Mayor Petro and Attorney General Ecuardo Montealegre.