Dania Suarez is the Colombian prostitute who exposed the Secret Service and U.S. military
prostitution scandal in Cartagena, Colombia during Obama’s Summit of the Americas in April of 2012.

The executive summary of the investigation into the U.S. military’s misconduct has been released to the public. The report details the complaints against and actions of the persons who were assigned to Cartagena, Columbia to administer security detail to President Barack Obama when he was attending the Summit of the Americas in April.

The report says there Obama’s support group was actually three groups in Cartagena, Columbia: the Joint Task Force for the Summit of the Americas, EOD technicians and explosive detection dog handlers as part of the U.S. Secret Service, and the White House Military Office and the White House Communications Agency.

In regard to the prostitution scandal that occurred during the Summit, the report states that even though prostitution is legal in Colombia, patronizing a prostitute is prohibited by the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Prostitution involved the first complaint that occurred on April 11, 2012 when the el Caribe Hotel contacted the U.S. Embassy Accommodations Coordinator regarding a concern that six military members assigned to JTF-SOA12 had signed in overnight female guest. Before the incidents had ended, a total of twelve U.S. military members had brought a foreign national female guest to their hotel room prior to Obama’s arrival. The first-known incident occurred during the first week of April while the other eleven occurred on the night of April 11 or early morning on April 12. Six were Army noncommissioned officers assigned to the JSO Task Force and 5 were embedded in the USSS explosives detection team (EDT).

The report goes on to say that 11 prostitutes were questioned and background-checked. All were cleared as non-terrorists, legally of age, and without any criminal background.

Other complaints regarding the U.S. entourage involved drinking alcoholic beverages at the el Caribe Hotel swimming pool and their dogs sleeping on beds and soiling the linens. Additionally, the dogs were urinating and defecating throughout the grounds and in the rooms. There was also a complaint that the American hotel guests from the U.S. government were propositioning college-age female greeters who work at the hotel.

The report states that the investigation revealed no conspiracies of a cover-up regarding the Colombia sex scandal.

Source: Examiner.com