bubble man

Saturday afternoon, after a marihuana legalization march arrived in Bogota’s Plaza Bolivar and the music started up, the seat of government transformed itself into a new tolerance zone for a few hours. Partyers pulled out the bongs, bags of grass and inhaled openly.

Colombia’s drug laws seem to be unclear. A few years ago, the legislature ended the right to carry small amounts of various drugs, called the ‘personal dosis’, for personal consumption. But recent court decisions seem to have rescucitated the right, creating a legal vague area.

Whatever the law, tho, drugs are common here, particularly pot amongst college kids. What’s the point of prohibition?

Tie-dyes, music and even grass made me think of a past event in a very different place.

no more hipocrisy marihuana curativa

no more hipocrisy

Source: Mike’s Bogota Blog