EPM headquarters in Medellin (Photo: Julian Castro)

The president of Medellin’s public utilities EPM confirmed Thursday that the company posted a $867 million profit for 2013.

President Juan Esteban Calle confirmed the news while visiting the town of Manizales and told Caracol Radio that the profits would help the firm progress into global telecom markets.

Medellin Public Enterprises (EPM) was founded in 1955 originally to serve the citizens of Medellin.  However the company has grown and is now the head of 12 subsidiary organizations based across the country.

The firm has had a traditional focus on the water and electricity centers but is now looking to expand to international markets in the telecommunication industry.


Grupo EPM obtuvo utilidades por 867 millones de dólares en 2013 (Caracol Radio)


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