From Colombia Reports

The alleged second-in-command of the Medellin-based crime syndicate Oficina de Envigado has been captured in northern Colombia, police said Sunday.

Alias “El Indio,” real name Dairo Alberto Muñoz, was captured in Envigado, a town south of Medellin. The 43-year-old Medellin native is suspected of extortion and theft, said police.

Radio station RCN reported the suspect had been captured on Friday, but that the arrest was not confirmed until Sunday.

Muños was allegedly the replacement of another Oficina de Envigado commander, alias “Beto,” who was captured in May 2012.

The Oficina de Envigado was originally a group of hit men hired by drug lord Pablo Escobar and his Medellin Cartel. When Escobar was killed in 1993, “the Office” converted itself into a powerful crime syndicate engaged in drug trafficking, extortion and assassinations.

The group, currently led by “Sebastian,” controls most of Medellin’s neighborhoods and underworld.