(Colombia Reports) A six-year-old girl has survived a fall from the 18th floor of a building in the northwestern Colombian city of Medellin, doctors said Saturday.

Medical staff said the child is in “grave” but “stable” condition.

The head of the medical division of El Rosario hospital, Carlos Sanchez, told reporters that the little girl “is in very delicate condition with multisystemic injuries, but remains stable within her grave condition”.

The incident occurred at a high-rise apartment building in Medellin’s upscale El Poblado neighborhood.

She is estimated to have plunged from a height of some 148 feet with nothing to break her fall.

Sanchez said that the minor has been given “artificial respiration” and that she suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest, from which she managed to emerge, and has undergone several surgeries.

He said that the medical team of specialists is doing everything they can to keep the child alive.

He said that one reason the little girl survived is that her bones are still forming and for that reason “her body is more flexible” and has a greater ability to recover than an adult patient would.

Colombian media reported Sunday that the girl was kept in an induced coma and that further surgeries are being held off because of her delicate condition.

Authorities have launched an investigation to find out exactly how the accident occurred.