Medellin bicycles

Connecting visitors to adventure on two-wheels, Medellin’s bicycle collective SiClas has begun offering “urban tours on bicycles” as a way to share the city’s love for bicycles.

In 2012, the coordinators of the Colectivo SiCLas participated in an environmental entrepreneurship program and were selected to receive grant funding to promote bicycling as an alternative means of transportation and exercise in Medellin. The money was used to form a non-profit with the goal of increasing urban bike activity through cultural tourism, education and the sale of souvenirs.

The Colombia Reports team was lucky enough to attend the SiClas Medellin bike tour one sunny afternoon last week.

Our English-speaking guides took us on a leisurely cruiser run through Laureles and its various bike paths. Friendly and eager to share their local knowledge, they gave us great insider information on this tree-lined neighborhood in western Medellin, telling the history of the city’s parks, architecture, churches, neighborhoods, and other tourist sites along the ride.

In Medellin, where the sun is always shining and the wheels keep rolling, cycling through the parks and thoroughfares offers one of the most exciting and comprehensive ways to explore this breathtakingly beautiful city.

Want to go ride bikes?

To schedule a tour with SiClas, send an email to or call them at 310 835 8134 or 312 720 3999.

For more information on the organization, visit their Facebook page or website .

SiClas also organizes weekly local cruiser rides called the Sicliada on Wednesday nights. Check out the video below:

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