Luis Alfredo Garavito

The Exhumation Unit of Justice and Peace returned on Tuesday the remains of a child’s body to the family 16 years after he was murdered by notorious Luis Alfredo Garavito, local media reported.

Johan Orlando Munoz, 13, disappeared on October 13, 1998 when he was selling newspapers in a park in the city Pereira in the state of Risaralda.

The remains of the body were found in November of the same year and it was later determined Munoz had been stabbed with a knife.

Luis Alfredo Garavito, also known as the ‘the beast,’  is now in prison serving a sentence of 40 years. He confessed to killing 172 children and has been dubbed the biggest child mass murderer in Colombia.

According to investigators, Garavito would drive children to remote areas, where he would tie them up, torture and rape them and then kill them.


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