(Photo: Barranquero Vino)

Following on past success, the fourth Vino Barranquero wine and music festival will take place on Sunday, December 22 from 2PM to 9PM at a farm just outside of Medellin.

Music will feature Medellin salsa ensemble Siguarajazz, as well as local Colombian jazz band La Guaneña.

Locally produced beverages and food are sure to intrigue and delight guests. On the farm, Barranquero’s brand will present their signature blackberry, blackcurrent, tree tomato, lulo, strawberry, passion fruit, guanabana and pineapple wines, offering as much as you can drink until 9 p.m.

To compliment the wine, the festival’s hosts, Patrick Collins and Diana Valverde, will also be sharing pints of home-brewed English style stout with a touch of wheat.

There will “exotic” and “delicious” food served at the event as well.

“The event offers a great opportunity to meet people from all around the world while enjoying great wine, food, and music, during the holiday season here in Medellin.” Collins said.

As for accommodation, guests are welcome to camp in the garden or up the road. The festival organizaers ask that guest who chose to camp bring some warm clothes, as it can get quite cold at night. Alternatively, there are a number of hostels in and around Santa Elena, including Montana Magica and Mosaico. Transport will also be available to and from Parque Lleras in Poblado for $10 000.

To book your ticket, go to the event’s Facebook page or email them. Tickets bought before December 15th cost $40 000, or $50,000 thereafter.

Check out this music from these bands to perform at the festival:

Prendé la Vela – La Guaneña

Siguarajazz – Manrique Mambo

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