Rebel group FARC on Thursday branded the legal framework for peace, a bill determining the boundaries of peace agreements with illegal armed groups, as a “hindrance to achieving the end of the conflict.”

The legal framework for peace, which was approved in congress last year and upheld by the Constitutional Court in August, modified the constitution and laid the foundation for the punishment of war crimes, reparation of victims and peace with the guerrillas.

But in a statement read by guerrilla Rodrigo Granda, the FARC criticised the bill, labelling it “an imposition” and “a nuisance.”

“From its conception, the so-called Legal Framework for Peace did not take into account criteria of the insurgency or political or social sectors linked or interested in treating the matter”, explained the rebels.

“The framework has the unacceptable mistake of trying to put a unilateral offender status to the guerrilla movement, knowing that we are victims of the conflict,” added the FARC.

Furthermore, the guerrillas criticised the government’s proposal to hold a referendum to seek popular approval of an eventual peace deal, claiming that the notion is “unilaterally misplaced.” The rebels propose the creation of a constituent assembly which would implement any peace deal in the country’s constitution.

The FARC and the government have been involved in peace talks since November in order to seek a negotiated end to a conflict that has lasted almost 50 years.

While an accord has been reached regarding land reform, no agreements have been made on the issue of the FARC’s political participation, drug trafficking, the practicalities of the end of the armed conflict and the rights of the victims.

The 14th round of talks concluded on Thursday.

Article by Colombia Reports