The three major labor unions in Colombia called for a national march today to demand a new health system and the recovery of the hospital network in crisis.
In statements to the press, the prosecutor of the United Worked Central (CUT), Fabio Arias, said that the demonstration plans to open a channel for a national protest against Law 100, which favors financial interference by the Health Promoting Companies authorized as managers of those services.

He explained that the CUT has three basic premises of what should be a new system: the absence of intermediaries and the absolute power of the State in the management of resources, both the contributive system and the subsidized.

Third, he demanded the end of the business in which became health in Colombia, a civil right in whose provision the State must be the determining component.

Meanwhile, President of the General Labor Confederation, Julio Gomez, said the main objective of the so-called white march is to achieve a new law agreed by all sectors.

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