Colombia’s police escorted Canadian singer Justin Bieber through the streets of Bogota early on Wednesday morning as he did graffiti on the walls, according to local media.

After Bieber had performed his first ever concert in Colombia – part of his ”Believe Tour” – to his hordes of young female ‘Beliebers,’ he apparently decided to decorate the walls of the city.

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While doing graffiti on a wall near to Calle 26 he was “surprised” by a local camera team being escorted by four of his bodyguards and the police.

His bodyguards then tried to stop the camera team recording Bieber and even asked the police to do so, according to local TV station NTN24.

That Bieber was escorted by the police while doing graffiti seems almost cynical given that a policeman shot in the back and killed a young graffiti artist, Diego Felipe Becerra, in August 2011 in Bogota.

Not surprisingly, the father of Becerra now criticizes the police for its inconsistent behavior.

“While graffiti artists here in Colombia get attacked and thrown into jail by the police, an international artist is escorted by the same police to do his art,” stated the father, Gustavo Trejos, to local station Caracol Radio.

His son was shot by a police patrol while spraying graffiti on a bridge in the north of Bogota. The cases of several policemen involved in this incident are still under investigation.

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This is more bad publicity for Bieber’s tour in South America after rumors were reported of him having contact with a prositute after his show in Panama on October 24.

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