In December 2012 we watched fan-recorded footage posted on YouTube of Shakira shooting the music video of a song then-rumored-to-be-called “Truth or Dare (On The Dancefloor)”. The uptempo, festive song was confirmed to be the first single from Shakira’s tenth studio album. Everything was ready for her big comeback. However, one unexpected event changed all plans. Shakira got pregnant with her first child, Milan. The one to blame? F.C Barcelona star, boyfriend Gerard Piqué.


Shakira put everything on hold for two years. Now in 2014, the Colombian pop star is finally ready to give fans that much-anticipated tenth album (which is self-titled by the way). March 25th is the day “Shakira” will hit stores worldwide. And yes, that’s next week!

Many fans of the “Hips Don’t Lie” were getting impatient as they saw no live performance of “Can’t Remember to Forget You” on television, no iTunes countdown singles, and no ‘album stream’ link. However, today (March 19th), the biggest surprise of all has come! Either this is a leak or the song has been uploaded by mistake (or not) on a random country’s iTunes storey, but the point is that it is here! “Dare (La La La)” is here!

Forget that other title, “Truth or Dare (On The Dancefloor)”, this is named “Dare (La La La)”. We all know the chorus of this song by now. The mystery was in the verses. And Shakira brings her “Caribbean/Island” self in them.

Oh my! The dance-pop production, the reggaeton-like verses, the chorus, the melody, the catchiness, and the indigenous chants! This is all too much! This needs to be Single #2 from “Shakira” ASAP! Who else agrees??


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