50milSun bathers, tourists and vendors alike were surprised to see banknotes of multiple denominations hurled from an apartment in the northern Colombian city of Santa Marta Thursday.

A young man, known locally as “The Chief”and reportedly the son of a local businessman, is allegedly responsible for this random act of generosity. Local newspapers claim that he threw banknotes of varying denominations, although most were worth 50 thousand pesos, approximately $26, into the crowd below his balcony.

Although this was simply an example of eccentric generosity, local media reported that police arrived on the scene due to the commotion. They subsequently led the amateur philanthropist to the local police station for questioning, allegedly thinking he was trying to get rid of “drug money.”

Local vendors told media sources that the eccentric man was a “humble person” who liked to party with the poor and “spread his wealth” because his father is a wealthy rice producer.

One taxi driver told El Tiempo that “I was in the car and saw the crowd catching money in the air – some caught more than others but it appeared as though everyone left with something.”

After he had parted himself from a substantial amount of cash – some locals estimated $10,500 – “The Chief” left his apartment and moved on to the beach and started drinking with friends.

Source: Colombia Reports