Colombia’s major carriers Tigo, Claro and Movistar have begun selling the iPhone 5, with the official launch on November 9. One of the most striking aspectes of the phone’s arrival in the country is its price.

In Colombia, the average cost of a 16GB model is 220.000 COP* (US$122), on a monthly plan of 130.000 COP (US$72), that includes 400 minutes of airtime and 2GB of internet browsing on a two year contract.

The average price is about 30% lower than a similar phone and plan in the United States. Though the US offers 4G as compared to 3G in Colombia.

The pricing, according to experts is that Apple’s goal is quick establish a foothold in Colombia.

For customers who do not need the capacity of 16GB, can get a brand new 8GB iPhone 5 at “zero” cost with the sign up on a minimum two years plan.

The introduction of the iPhone 5 has prompted rival Samsung to drop its prices. Both Movistar and Claor are offering the SIII Galaxy at a 30% discount.


*COP – Colombia Pesos. Current exchange is 1822.5 COP = $1.00 USD