COLOMBIA NEWS – Medellin’s Dulce Jesus Mio, or “My Sweet Jesus” in English, is quite possibly the tackiest nightclub in town. Covered in neon lights, with an excess of dolls, plastic trinkets, and colorful underwear hanging from the ceiling, the place sparkles with kitsch. 

Dulce Jesus Mio claims to model itself on a traditional village tavern with weird and wonderful characters (including a bearded lady and a little person) to welcome and entertain the guests.

The bathrooms are a theme park unto themselves, with a statue of a superhero surrounding each toilet bowl, and instead of a basic handbasin in the men’s room, there’s a squatting Cat Woman expelling water from her nether regions.

Dulce Jesus Mio Bar (Photo: Gabrielle Mentjox)

With such outrageous decor one would be forgiven for thinking the establishment was pushing boundaries and rejecting outdated social norms. However, the jokes remained tasteless and distinctly one-sided, geared towards insulting women. The MC asked the crowd what sounds their girlfriends made in bed as a tactless segue into a routine where he mimicked the different sounds his mistress made in bed compared with his plain old lady.

The entry fee wasn’t steep at $5, but in order to be seated at a table, it is a requirement to buy at least one bottle of spirits (starting at $50).

Location: Carrera 38 # 19-190 (Via las palmas)

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