President Juan Manuel Santos invites all Colombians to vote

President Juan Manuel Santos called on all Colombians to exercise their right to vote in Sunday’s congressional elections.

The appeal came as the president cast his own vote alongside his family in the capital of Bogota Sunday morning.

“I just exercised the right and my duty to vote, because voting is a right that we Colombians have and must use,” said the head of state.

“I am making a call for all Colombians go vote and for voting to remain calm, to remain normal, and for everyone to vote for who they want,” he said.

Accompanied by his wife, Maria Clemencia Rodriguez, his daughter, Maria, and his two sons, Esteban and Martin, the president cast his vote at a table in Bogota’s iconic Plaza Bolivar.

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Santos also said these congressional elections have been the most peaceful elections in recent history and that he expects elections will  “remain quiet and safe.”

“To the extent that we vote, participate in elections, our democracy will become stronger and if our democracy is stronger, the solution to problems becomes easier,” the head of state said. “We always need do everything in our power to strengthen our democratic system.”


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