Attack Peace

A hooded protest to promote peace and reject political extremism took place Thursday in the grounds of Bogota’s National University.

Almost 100 protestors wearing white hoods congregated and planted white flags in the grounds  of the iconic Plaza de Che Guevara with their slogan of “Paz Sin Peros” – “Peace without excuses.”

The event was took place at at 6.00 AM and was organised by Daniel Quintero, liberal candidate for Congress.

The protest was to demonstrate their lack of allegiance with either the far left or the far right and to highlight the importance of Colombia uniting in peace.

Quintero states in the video that they chose to protest in the University to demonstrate that “violence and education are not compatible”…”university is not just a reflection of our current society, university should be a mirror of how society should be.”

The political activist then continues to explain the need for debate in conflict resolution before removing his white hood, prompting those behind him to do the same, as a show for a need for transparency in ongoing peace negotiations with the country’s largest rebel group, the FARC.

On January 30, Quintero spearheaded a similar protest in Bogota with protestors placing hundreds of flags across the front of the restaurant which was allegedly the hub of the spying scandal.

Quintero is an interesting canditate – with 4 degrees, the first of which he gained at 16 having begun University at 14, he runs an environmental awareness company called Think Green (Piensa Verde) and believes that peace and improving education should be at the forefront of Colombian politics.


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