The president of Colombia’s Congress is calling for stiff sanctions for drunk drivers, with fines up to 50 million pesos (US$26.500 at the current exchange rate ) for repeat offenders.

1926830_n_vir1Juan Fernando Cristo, in an interview with El Tiempo said the tough sanctions will proposed when Congress begins discussions on the new law against drunk driving.

“Let it be clear that whomever drives drunk and kills someone they should go to jail”, said Cristo

The Congressman say that high fines will deter drunk driving, avoid filling jails.

“Although it may seem absurd, it (the high fines) hurtspeople’s pockets”, says Cristo, explaining that the fines to be discussed are 10 million pesos on the first offence, 30 million pesos on the second and 50 million pesos for the third.

Cristo is also in favour president Santos’ proposal to seize the vehicle of the drunk driver, as well as the seizure of other assets, including real estate and bank accounts.


“Astronomical” Fines Proposed For Drunk Driving

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