(Photo: Medellin Mayor's Office)

A grenade that exploded next to one of Medellin’s main tourist hotspots, the Museum of Antioquia, killed one local and injured at least 32. Local police ruled out a terrorist attack and said the explosive went off in a brawl.

The explosive, which was heard for a mile around, went off a little before nine in front of a bakery located just behind the museum.

Local police initially said one person was killed and 40 people were injured. According to the Mayor’s Office, one person was killed and 32 people were injured.

Vice-Secretary of Government, Luis Fernando Suarez, told press that three of the injured were in critical condition.

The number of injured was this high because a bus passed at the moment the grenade went off, reported television network Caracol.

The explosive device was allegedly detonated during a fight between two men. The man who allegedly had detonated the grenade was apprehended by Police, said Suarez.

The streets behind the museum are home to dozens of brothels and one of the city’s main homeless shelters where a bomb explosion killed four earlier this year.

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Location of the explosion


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