In a joint statement, the negotiation teams from the government and the FACR in Cuba, announced that the start of the eight round of negotiations (which were scheduled to start on Monday) is postponed until the third week in April.

The statement also confirs the completion of the next item on the agenda regarding the future political participation of the former guerillas.

According to the document released from Havana, the delegation held meetings in recent days and “agreed to” resume negotiations after separate studies to “complete the work on the agenda items in an expeditious manner and in the shortest time possible.”

Thus, in this first half of the sub-themes will be discussed at the first point on agricultural development, which, apparently, have to do with the so-called peasant reserve areas that are dividing the FARC and the Minister of Agriculture, Juan Camilo Restrepo.

Finally, the statement also indicates that on April 5  there will be a “consult” with the National University and the United Nations for the preparation of the forum on political participation.