(Photos:  Juan Pablo Rueda Bustamante,  El Tiempo)

Visitors arriving to Cali over the course of the next are liable to run into a series of giant sculptures depicting famous celebrities being displayed in the western Colombia city.

The local El Tiempo newspaper is reporting that Colombia’s unofficial capital of “rumba” and salsa will now be playing host to a collection of larger-than-life fiberglass renderings of five famous personalities of international cinema, music and television personal. The statues are part of an art instillation currently on display in the Chipichape shopping centre, located in the north of the city.

Visitors can have their pictures taken with worldwide celebrities like Marilyn Monroe — whose iconic pose towers over passers by at a height of nearly 30 feet — and a mid-dance Michael Jackson.

The rest of the featured celebrities will be more recognizable to a Latin American audience: iconic Mexican comedy character “el Chavo del Ocho,” Cuban salsa legend Celia Cruz, and Heriberto de la Calle, a comedic character created by Colombian journalist, Jaime Garzon.

Created by an artist who prefers to remain anonymous, the exhibition — which lasts until March 31 — is free for shoppers and pedestrians during the day and open at nights to anyone who, after the party is over in the city’s buzzing nightlife, feels the urge to get a picture in with some giant superstars.


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