Colombia needs to export more products to make the most of the recently signed Free Trade Agreement with the United States, reported Colombia’s online magazine Portafolio this week.

Director of the Office of Development Jose Gomez believed that the time has come now, 126 days after the deal was signed, for Colombia to start exporting a greater variety of products to the U.S.

In particular, Gomez cited that confectionary, handbags, and women’s jeans would be potentially strong exports.

The director of the Office of Development, a Colombian governmental body involved in the trade deal, said that Colombian imports of U.S. hard white corn, cars and soil drilling machines had increased since the FTA was signed.

The FTA was put into effect on May 15, 2012, following a series of interruptions from mostly Democratic congressmen in Washington who felt the deal did little to vouchsafe workers’ rights.

From Colombia Reports