Rainbow Warrior

Greenpeace flagship “Rainbow Warrior III” docked in Cartagena on Saturday in order to cement the environmental group’s presence in Colombia.

The Rainbow Warrior III was built specifically for Greenpeace, and is their most environmentally friendly vessel.

Captained by Argentine Daniel Rizzoti, the ship will be docked in Cartagena from February 1 to 10 and is open to the public (8:30-11AM and 4 to 8PM) in order to increase Colombian awareness of the activist group and their work.

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Greenpeace has been active in Colombia on a more informal basis for the past seven years, fighting against the threat of increased carbon mining in the Boyacá region. Having come under pressure from the Hunza Coal Company to permit extended mining of the Pisba moor in the Tasco municipality, Greenpeace volunteers helped to resolve almost 12 years of conflict and put an end to the expansion.

Built in 2011 to mark the 40th birthday of Greenpeace, The Rainbow Warrior III stands as an example of Greenpeace ideals as, despite weighing 872 tons, with its 165 ft high sails it can run almost entirely under eco-friendly wind power.

The arrival of The Rainbow Warrior III in Colombia is “a nod to the successes of their work in Colombia since 2007″ according to Martin Prieto, executive director of Greenpeace Argentina, and marks a continued defiance by Greenpeace against those who attack them, such as with the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior I in 1985 by French Secret Service agents, as well demonstrating their growing presence in Colombia.

The work of Greenpeace Colombia is to be based on climate change, agricultural issues such as GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and challenging the unsafe disposal of toxic waste in Colombia.


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