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A new type of exercise class claiming to improve participants’ sexual performance has come to Medellin. 

Fitsex Fitness is the first system in Colombia aiming to improve sexual function through strengthening pelvic floor musculature.

The system was created by urologist Juan Luis Tobar, when he discovered that his incontinence patients had improved sexual prowess after treatment to improve pelvic musculature.

The team behind FitSex Fitness believe that our physical wellbeing should extend to all aspects of our lives and that a healthy sex life should no longer be taboo in the public forum.

The system consists of six levels, each level consisting of six half an hour sessions which should be done once or twice a week depending on the ability of the participant. The sessions consist of electro-stimulation to the pelvic muscles and, according to RCN Radio, costs $40 (COP80K) per session.

According to Tobar, “it is a small tube which is connected to the computer and enables us to see if the interior muscle is contracting sufficiently and with what strength.”

The treatment can be done by either electric stimulation or gym exercises. If you chose electric stimulation it works with a small tube which generates an electric pulse and trains the muscle.

The system is tailored differently to men and women as well as to what the desired outcome is for the participant – help with incontinence or purely improvement in sexual performance. With regards to women the program aims to develop an “active pelvis” which can be contracted at will to improve sexual experience or to reverse muscle weakness caused by pregnancy, childbirth or hormonal changes such as menopause. For men, the system helps to optimize an erection and control ejaculation.

FitSex Medellin is the first in Colombia but its creators are hoping to expand into the capital Bogota.


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