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Some 40 homes were destroyed in a fire in Quibdo, the capital of the Choco state in western Colombia on Thursday. Nobody was reported injured or killed.

According to local media reports, the fire broke out around 9PM on the border of the neighborhoods of Niño Jesus and San Vicente, both located in the east of the city.

One reporter of national television network Caracol said it was possible the fire destroyed up to 100 homes.

Local firemen needed three hours to control the fire.

Waosolo, a local website promoting the Choco state, said firemen received no help from local police while attending the emergency. “Nobody does anything, just the guy from the prosecution,” a fireman reportedly complained.

According to the Quibdo fire department, the blaze was caused by a shortcut in one of the homes. According to Bogota-based radio station Santa Fe, locals have claimed a gas cylinder exploded.

Victims who lost their homes and belongings in the fire were taken to a nearby school for shelter.

Local authorities said to plan a thorough inspection on Friday to determine how many homes exactly were destroyed, how many victims there are and how emergency aid can be delivered.

Quibdo, Choco


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