Weeks after its blog was taken offline, Colombia’s largest rebel group the FARC had its Facebook account blocked.

The rebel group blamed the latest restriction of their online presence on “enemies of the peace and of the Colombian people” in an agitated statement released on Tuesday on their newly reestablished blog.

Online terrorism was reportedly to blame for the case of the hacked rebel blog, who are determined a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union.

“This latest attack from the enemies of peace and of the Colombian population comes from the right, who are worried by the growing interest and discussion which these peace talks are creating in different sectors of Colombian society” proposed the rebel statement.

Facebook is yet to comment on the blocked account, and the FARC, who complain that “the censorship is continuing” and have asked for “help,” calling on the readers of the blog to send a message to Facebook “to demand the reestablishment of the page.”

The FARC have been in negotiations with the government since February and are set to resume talks on the 11 June, for the first time since the two sides announced an agreement on agrarian reform last May 26.

Source: Colombia Reports