The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) urged President Juan Manuel Santos in this capital today, to stop police brutality against farmers protesting in the Catatumbo region, northeastern of Norte de Santander department.

Ivan Marquez, leader of the guerrilla delegation participating in the talks created in Havana on November, denounced the abuses of the Mobile Anti-Riot Squads (Esmad), “who attacked defenseless peasants” and claimed the administration to put an end to that situation.

From the Conference Center in Havana, “venue of the talks,” the FARC-EP supported the protesters, who are demanding the creation of areas of rural reserves, and the immediate suspension of the eradication of illegal crops.

Marquez also talked about the call for a constituent assembly, one of the initiatives that are part of the 10 “minimum proposals” announced by the rebel delegation that will focus the discussions of the second item of the agenda: political participation.

Such assembly is designed as a great national political agreement, which will include parties, social and political movements, indigenous, rural, and African descent communities, among others.

The Constitution emerging “will be the real, fair and, binding peace treaty, melting our reconciliation,” Marquez said.

Another proposal is about the political culture for the participation, peace, national reconciliation, the right to protest, and social mobilization.

Moreover, the FARC guidelines discuss guarantees of political and social participation of the rural communities, and other excluded sectors, as well as encouraging popular and social participation in integration processes in the region.

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