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A bus travelling through northern Colombia has been set on fire by alleged members of rebel group FARC, local media reported on Thursday.

A bus driving from Ituango to Medellin was stopped near the town of Toledo at approximately 6AM by three men in civilian clothes who told the passengers on board to disembark from the bus. After they had done so, the three men proceeded to set the bus on fire, according to Caracol Radio.

According to the Secretary of the Government of Antioquia, Santiago Uribe, the attackers are part of the 36th Front, a unit of the FARC operating in the northern state of Antioquia where the attack took place.

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The attack occurred just a few hours after the end of a ceasefire that was jointly announced by the FARC and ELN on May 16. Both rebel groups stated they would hold a unilateral ceasefire between May 20 and May 28 as a show of good will to the country, so that May 25′s presidential elections could run without any interference.

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Overall, the election-related ceasefire meant a an almost absolute end to violent rebel violence.

Location of the attack


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