Gustavo Petro (Photo:  Opi 97)

The mayor of Bogota has blamed Colombia’s largest rebel group FARC for detonating three low-intensity packet bombs containing propaganda pamphlets in the nation’s capital, Colombia’s Caracol Radio reported on Wednesday.

Six bombs were allegedly planted by the FARC, of which three detonated in the early hours of Wednesday morning in various locations across the capital. Authorities also found and deactivated three more bombs, according to local newspaper El Espectador.

Bogota’s Mayor Gustavo Petro assured that the explosive propaganda was a publicity stunt as it contained references to the FARC’s 50th anniversary in Colombia’s capital, according to Caracol.

No one was injured, and despite the initial scare, the bombs only caused minimal material damage, according to the EFE news wire.

“The danger to life [that the bombs pose] is something that the FARC should reconsider if they are in a peace process,” said Mayor Petro.

Both the Colombian government and the FARC have been participating in ongoing peace talks since November, 2012.


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