Armed forces have killed guerrilla “Ñeco,” a mid-level commander of Colombia’s largest rebel group FARC in the southwest of the country, reported local media on Wednesday. 

General of Apollo Task Force, Wilson Cabra told the Colombian newspaper that the operation was carried out at 9 AM in the outside of the municipality Tambo in the south-western state of Cauca.

Military source reported that “Neco” was responsible for coordinating and monitoring finances of the Jacobo Arenas Front Mobile Column, and allegedly accountable for extortion in the west, north and center of the state Cauca.

According the authorities of the state’s capital, Popayan, the guerrilla was extorting large sums of money.

Military sources said the guerrilla was 27-years-old, and had been a influential member of the FARC for 11 years, reported El Pais.


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