he Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People”s Army (FARC-EP) announced today they will not give up the roundtable discussions taking place in Havana, and will not rise until achieving an agreement to end the conflict.

farc-4Andres Paris, member of the guerrilla delegation to the talks, told reporters that the FARC never gave up any process of this kind before, and will not do it now.

The government has always been the one which have moved, and there is no exception this time, Paris said from the Convention Center in Havana, venue of the talks since November.

About the item under discussion at the negotiation table, referred to the political participation, he said the rebel delegation has enough reasons to show the progresses in Colombia.

In response to statements by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, who requested results for November 18, as marking the first anniversary of the beginning of the negotiation table, Paris expressed his desire to achieve a closure of this second item of the agenda for that date.

The rebel representation member also expressed dissatisfaction with the wage hike to administration officials.

Paris also talked about a possible freezing of the talks during the elections in Colombia, in May 2014.

We are willing to advance in any proposal that preserves the process to get to the end of the conflict.

If a pause is required, we would be willing, but not as a unilateral or imposed action through the media, he said.