The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) will hand over today to a humanitarian commission two policemen in its power since January 25. The commission that will receive policemen Cristian Yate and Victor Gonzalez is comprised of five members of the International Red Cross Committee (IRCC), former Senator Piedad Cordoba, and Javier Cuadros, of the Colombians for Peace movement.

The group will travel by land to the place indicated by the insurgent force, aboard two IRCC trucks.

According to a version from El Tiempo newspaper, Cordoba arrived in yesterday night to Cali department, venue of the logistical center.

Meanwhile, the relatives of those policemen traveled to Bogota, where Yate and Gonzalez will be immediately transferred.

The operation started with the demilitarization decreed from 18:00 hours local time on Wednesday, February 13, to equal time on Friday, February 15, in an area between the departments of Cauca Valley and Cauca.

For the second phase, scheduled for Saturday, February 16, during which soldier Joshua Alvarez will be released, the Defense Ministry will receive today the coordinates of the area the military action should be discontinued.

On February 2, the FARC-EP announced in an official statement its intention to release policemen Yate and Gonzalez, captured on January 25, 2013, and soldier Alvarez, in power of the insurgent group four days later, after the fighting carried out in Nariño department.

We will proceed to the negotiations to release them, through the Colombians for Peace movement accompanied by the International Red Cross, the statement noted.