The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) asserted today in this capital that it wants to stop war, but the Government is forcing it to maintain the confrontation.

farc23It is a situation that is more in the hands of the Government than in ours, member of the insurgent delegation to the peace negotiations Ricardo Tellez told the media at Havana’s Conference Center, venue of the talks.

He recalled that the guerrillas have presented the issue of a bilateral cease of fire, a bilateral truce, but the Executive has not accepted it.

Unfortunately, people are still being killed on both sides, and we regret that situation, said the guerrilla team member to the peace talks that this Caribbean nation has been hosting since November.

Tellez said the times used in the talks are those that the process needs, and the insurgency is acting without the pressure of elections around the corner.

About the situation in the Colombian region of Catatumbo, he asserted that the FARC-EP give moral support the people there and share the fair demands of that population.