timoleonMaximum leader of the guerrilla FARC-EP, Timoleon Jiménez (Timochenko), affirmed today that neither Colombians nor the country are tired of the peace process, as neoliberal spokespersons insist. In an article published in Internet, the head of the insurgent force said that elite circles and warmongers are the ones who hate the mention of sovereignty, total democracy and alternative development models.

They are the ones who make and deepen war and terror against Colombia, while they accuse the rest, it is urgent to

unmask them, said the Commander in Chief of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-Army of the People (FARC-EP).

Referring to the peace process with the Government, that next November 19 completes one year of being installed in Cuba, Timochenko said that about his person all types of speculations are plotted.

The fact that a year has gone by with only one partial agreement on the first point and the deadline for president Juan Manuel Santos to announce or not his nomination to reelection, has become one of the main arguments against the guerrilla, he added.

On his part, the head of the Colombian government team to peace talks with FARC-EP, Humberto de la Calle, affirmed that instructions of president Juan Manuel Santos for the next cycle of the dialogue is to make progress in results.

Tomorrow both parts will begin the 12th round of the process installed on November 19, 2012 in Havana, with the point on political participation after the conflict, in which they work on since last June.

We have been instructed by the President, stated De la Calle to journalists, “We analyzed the different elements to be taken into account for the march of the process.”

The purpose of our trip for this cycle is “to move forward, forward, forward in results”, he stressed.

Both parts hope to take to good ending the armed conflict dating more than half a century, through a pacific solution and on the basis of a five-point agenda with partial results, until now, in the first of these, the integral agricultural development.

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