The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) reiterated today in Cuba its request to include Simon Trinidad in the peace talks with the government.

After a 24-hour recess in the talks, guerrilla commander Jesus Santrich said that Trinidad’s presence is urgently needed in order to make the dialogue move “towards a solid peace agreement.”

Trinidad is part of the guerrilla delegation to the talks, although he is doing a 60 year prison sentence in the United States, to where he was extradited in 2004.

From Havana’s Conference Center, permanent headquarters of talks, Santrich denounced the current situation of Trinidad, who is in an inhumane prison conditions.

“This situation must change, and the Colombian government should stop its obstruction relative to the real possibility of the presence of Simon Trinidad or his participation as a peace catalyst in this process in Havana,” he said.

The FARC-EP also called for the Colombian government to allow a public oversight “of the extremely inhumane situation, which is even fatal in prisons.”

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