Colombia's  Attorney Greneral Alejandro Ordoñez

Colombia’s Attorney Greneral Alejandro Ordoñez

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People”s Army (FARC-EP) charged here today at the South American nation”s Attorney Greneral Alejandro Ordoñez, calling him persecutor of civil and political rights.

Guerrilla fighter Pablo Catatumbo, member of the insurgent delegation that is participating in the negotiation table in Havana, said the Attorney General’s Office had not been occupied before by so reactionary figure as the current Attorney General.

Contrary to his constitutional duties, Ordoñez has established a sort of inquisition tyranny and has become an intransigent Torquemada.

According to Catatumbo, the Attorney General persecutes those who struggle for peace and, or, “any hint of a thinking that is not in line with his retrograde and neo-liberal evangelism, and with free personality development or those who do not agree with his ultra right-wing prejudices.”

In statements to the media at Havana’s Convention Center, the venue of the talks, the guerrilla fighter suggested that Ordoñez’ stance towards former Senator Piedad Cordova and Mayor Gustavo Petro is an example of the above said.

He “does not forgive the former, due to her commitment to democratic peace, human rights and the people,” while he can not tolerate that Petro defends the public sector and his inclusive vision of a city, he said.

In the opinion of the armed group, permanence of Ordoñez in this post does not contribute in any extent to construction of democracy in Colombia.

Finally, they demanded that this kind of public posts is subject to popular vote.

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