The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia -People”s Army (FARC-EP) today blamed the government of covering the political environment of the nation with blood.

colombia-policiaantidisturbioIt is the blood of those from the botttom, who as shirtless heroes receive bullets, stunning bombs , gases and the brutality of the repression forces, especially the Anti-riot Mobile Squadron, underlines a statement released in Havana by the FARC -EP delegation attending the peace talks .

The agrarian strike and its echoes of outrage and questioning the system that do not stop, have the usual government response: promise, deceive, Suppress and continue the impoverishment of the field and the handover of sovereignty to the multinationals, most recently by the FTA, noted the text.

The neoliberal projects and repression remain, but also stops the uprising of miners, farmers, while teachers stop working and the students raise their voices in pursuit of a free education with quality, emphasized the statement.

The political scene was agitated, but the social protest was bigger and the regime in the desperation for its greed, stain the war with blood, emphasizes the document.

All of the protesters demands are postponed old aspirations that led the country to the bottom of misery and a confrontation between fellow countrymen that already meets more than half a century without solutions, added the statement.

In Havana FARC-EP assured, that they are seeking ways to achieve stable and lasting peace, with the particularity that although the speech for peace is in the mouth of the leaders, their actions are of economic and military hostility against the poorer.

The problem is not solved with opportunism and a warm wet cloth, alert the FARC-EP, and affirmed their commitment to the majority of farmers.

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