Attacks reportedly carried out by Colombia’s largest rebel group FARC have dropped 70% in September compared to the month before, according to Colombia Reports’ conflict monitor.

The steep drop in attacks followed announcements by the rebels and the government in late August they were going to hold peace talks in October.

In September, Colombia’s armed forces and local media reported 21 FARC attacks. All of them were carried out by the FARC. No attacks allegedly carried out by the smaller ELN were reported. The month before, the FARC reportedly carried out 70 attacks.

For the first time since this website started monitoring the conflict in July, no civilians were killed by guerrillas. However, nine members of the security forces were killed in attacks. Twelve civilians and 18 members of the security forces were injured.

The attacks primarily took place in the traditionally violent Cauca department, along the Venezuelan border and in the north of Antioquia.


Source: Colombia Reports