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The FARC on Monday announced that the rebel group has successfully finalized negotiations with the government over victims and transitional justice.

The guerrillas’ chief negotiator, “Ivan Marquez,” said on Twitter that “we have successfully completed [negotiation on] the Special Jurisdiction for Peace and the agreement on point 5, Victims.”

The government’s negotiation team did not confirm the FARC claim, but newspaper El Tiempo reported that a formal joint announcement regarding the victims deal is set for Tuesday.



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Peace talks

If the government confirms the agreement, this means that the only point left on the agenda is “End of Conflict.”

This point includes a bilateral ceasefire and the practicalities of the FARC’s demobilization, disarmament and reintegration.

The FARC has been negotiating a peace accord with the state since November 2012 in order to end an armed conflict that began in 1964 and cost more than 260,000 lives.

The allegedly agreed victims deal seeks to address the needs of the more than 7 million victims generated by the conflict.

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