Military Attack

Local police from the central state of Antioquia are attributing an attack on an army patrol unit Sunday to Colombia’s largest guerrilla army, the FARC.

The incident occurred in the municipality of Briceño, in northern Antioquia, where an army patrolled unit came under fire from improvised explosive devices, according to Caracol Radio.

Speaking to the radio station, Antioquia police Chief Gustavo Chavarro confirmed that the attack failed to cause any damage to the patrol or the local population.

The attack comes on the day of Colombia’s congressional elections. Chavarro added that it was the only incident of public disorder experience by his office thus far during the election period — a time typically associated with fraud and active voter intimidation.

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The FARC have reportedly, maintained a significant presence in the surroundings of Briceño for a number of years. In December 2013, rebels allegedly shot down a police helicopter in the area, and in May of that year, clashes with Colombia’s armed forces left five dead.

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So far, no other such violent disturbances have been reported in the country, which began the official voting process at 8AM Sunday.

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Earlier in the day, Colombian authorities closed the Venezuelan border, amid reports that criminal elements were entering the country to interfere with elections.

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