Silvia Gette (Photo: El Heraldo)

The ex-priest of Silvia Gette, a former rector at a university in northern Colombia, released allegations Tuesday asserting the university rector shared information with him on homicide and planned bribery.

Jose  Cadrazco served as priest and spiritual adviser to Gette while both worked at Autonoma University.

Gette is currently standing trial for her son-in-law Fernando Cepeda.

Cadrazco claimed in one espisode he hid at her home when she committed murder of a university administrator. He also claimed the ex-rector admitted to him homicides that were planned and executed from the university.

In addition to homicide allegations, Cadrazco shed light on Gette’s attempted bribe of a paramilitary to keep him from testifying against her in the murder of Cepeda. Surprisingly, he also implicated university soccer star Olando Niebles who recently started playing for a division one team and had amorousness relations with the rector.

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The ex-priest’s testimony will be brought before court by prosecutors, adding to the already substantial evidence facing the embattled ex-rector.


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