The Colombian government and the European Union established a free market agreement, that it will bring a lot of advantages in the economic growing to our country, among we can mention: new and biggest market opportunities, it can be established new links in the chain of production and supplies; it can be offered better conditions for attracting investors; offering to the Colombian consumers biggest options for their buying’s and better prices and allow to the Colombian entrepreneurs sale their products without paying taxes, to a market that it is 500 millions dwellers.

This is a great advance in the internationalization process of the Colombian economy and excellent opportunity for increasing the growing of the different productive sectors.

For entering in validity, to the commercial agreement still needs the right approbation of the authorities of both parts, process that could take about 1 to 3 years. With this it is looking that it must be precision, clarity and congruence of the dealing documents.

For this Colombian entrepreneurs must take an advantage this time to the maximum for preparing before the agreement will take effect.