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Colombia’s second largest group the ELN struck once again against the Caño Limon-Coveñas oil pipeline, causing a spill of crude oil in at least two rivers according to Tuesday reports by state petroleum company Ecopetrol.

The attacks, reported by a passersby on the nearby road,  were perpetrated in the municipality of Toledo in the state of North Santander near Venezuela.

According to authorities, the ELN were being charged with culpability in connection with the attack, which caused an oil spill threatening water supplies in the area.

The mayor of Toledo, Yorjan Triana, was quoted in la Opinion, “it is worrisome, one doesn’t know where to turn to. This year we have registered around six attacks like this.”

The Caño Limon-Coveñas pipeline is 484 miles long, and can carry up to 220 barrels of oil a day, but on average it carries 80,000 barrels to port in Coveñas.

Previous attacks this year have targeted the pipeline, a few of which forced American company Occidental to temporarily cease operations in the Caño Limo oil field.

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